JD’s Take on my Google Chrome Book Part Uno

23 Jun

So far so great…minus a couple of “ah sh*t” what the heck do I do for this type moments!

Immediate goods:

Easiest thing to use ever.
Battery lasts forever.
Mobility Mobility Mobility

Zoho Chat seems to be an “ok” option to manage all of my IM clients in one – it’s Trilium/Adium style via the Chrome store – still unsure if I need to keep a browser page dedicated to it all the time, I think so?  :)

OH Sh*t moments:
Printing – wtf? So for 99 bucks I bought an HP ePrinter for the Cloud, should arrive next week – BOOM done.
Downloading files from the web? Well, it goes to a place called File Shelf/External Storage – super whacky and it really doesn’t know what files are when they go there, but then you can move them to Googdocs and I guess that’s the 3 step shuffle to circumvent having a desktop/drive.
The track pad was on medium and took me a while to find the adjustment, I went from hate/throw this out the window to love again!

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One Response to “JD’s Take on my Google Chrome Book Part Uno”

  1. Wilson Craig, Aruba Networks July 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    Time for an update to this one?

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