CHINA – Not Receiving Total Consciousness…Which is Nice

10 Mar

You know that you’ve done it when the Dalai Lama drops the “hell on Earth” bombshell on you …


“These thrust Tibetans into such depths of suffering and hardship that they literally experienced hell on earth,” the Dalai Lama said. “The immediate result of these (CHINESE) campaigns was the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans.”



And like the Lama, I’m not a big fan of Chinese products; Auqua Fresh with asbestos whitening crystals and these other recalls –



  1. Portable baby swings that entrap youngsters, resulting in 60 reports of cuts, bruises and abrasions;
  2. Swimming pool ladders that break, resulting in 127 reports of injuries, including leg lacerations requiring up to 21 stitches, five reports of bone fractures, two back injuries, two reports of torn ligaments and eight sprained ankles;
  3. Faulty baby carriers that result in babies falling out and getting bruised, getting skulls cracked and hospitalizations;
  4. Easy-Bake Ovens that trap children’s fingers in openings, resulting in burns;
  5. Oscillating tower fans whose faulty wiring results in fires, burns and smoke inhalation injuries;
  6. Exploding air pumps that have resulted in 13 lacerations including six facial injuries and one to the eye;
  7. Bargain-priced oil-filled electric heaters, selling for less than $50, that burn down homes;
  8. Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
  9. Circular saws with faulty blade guards that result in cutting users, not wood.

One Response to “CHINA – Not Receiving Total Consciousness…Which is Nice”

  1. Tina June 4, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    The sad part of it is that China basically owns so many US Treasuries that they will soon own a good part of the US.

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