JD’s Take on my Google Chrome Book Part Uno

23 Jun

So far so great…minus a couple of “ah sh*t” what the heck do I do for this type moments!

Immediate goods:

Easiest thing to use ever.
Battery lasts forever.
Mobility Mobility Mobility

Zoho Chat seems to be an “ok” option to manage all of my IM clients in one – it’s Trilium/Adium style via the Chrome store – still unsure if I need to keep a browser page dedicated to it all the time, I think so? ย ๐Ÿ™‚

OH Sh*t moments:
Printing – wtf? So for 99 bucks I bought an HP ePrinter for the Cloud, should arrive next week – BOOM done.
Downloading files from the web? Well, it goes to a place called File Shelf/External Storage – super whacky and it really doesn’t know what files are when they go there, but then you can move them to Googdocs and I guess that’s the 3 step shuffle to circumvent having a desktop/drive.
The track pad was on medium and took me a while to find the adjustment, I went from hate/throw this out the window to love again!


Bust or Blow up

29 Mar

Just a couple of words if you don’t mind, or I’m gonna bust & blow up. And speaking of busting & blowing up, I’ve got 2 words, Nuclear Energy. Can you believe that between all of our scientists and experts in all sorts of fields relating to the building and maintenance of nuclear facilities, not one will stand up & tell the truth. The eventual end of every facility ever built, not deliberately shut down by man, will have a meltdown.

The plates are moving on a molten ocean of lava. Someday California will be up near Alaska, the Mediterranean will disappear, Africa is being torn in half at the Great Rift. They can plot what the land masses of the Earth will look like 1, 2, or 3 million years from now. For all I know all the Earth’s land masses could be one again known as Pangea (spell).The caldura (spelling) at Yellowstone could erupt in a Super Volcano which could affect 3/4 of the United States. There is an island off of either Africa or Portugal that they think will someday rip in half & send waves towards Miami & New York high enough to cover the Empire State Bldg.
Let’s not even think of the next Ice Age. The last one covered 1/2 of the U.S. We better be nicer to Mexico,

Central America & S. America, we might be asking if they wouldn’t mind us moving in for a couple of thousand years. And if we’re not talking about the Ice Age, then I won’t mention objects crashing into us from outer space.

They know the Earth is changing & someday the gasses on Earth will change too. The Earth will not be able to support life as we know it, other forms,yes.
I hope the last guy left remembers to turn off the lights, I hate to run up a high electric bill.
Love, Sherry

Skip’s BucketList – o – Karaoke!

29 Jan


  1. Blue Monday – New Order
  2. Don’t lose my Number – Phil Collins
  3. Easy Lover – Phil Collins
  4. Heat is on – Glenn Fry
  5. Hold The Line – Toto
  6. John Parr – Naughty, Naughty
  7. John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)
  8. Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams
  9. Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh
  10. Linda Ronstadt – Don’t Know Much
  11. Naked Eyes – Promises Promises
  12. Maggie May – Rod Stewart
  13. Michael Sembello – Maniac
  14. Mr. Mister – Kyrie
  15. Out of Touch – Hall and Oats
  16. Rosanna – Toto
  17. Rush – Tom Sawyer
  18. Take me Home Tonight – Eddie Money
  19. Break my Stride – Matthew Wilder
  20. Foreigner – Waiting for a girl like you

CHINA – Not Receiving Total Consciousness…Which is Nice

10 Mar

You know that you’ve done it when the Dalai Lama drops the “hell on Earth” bombshell on you …


“These thrust Tibetans into such depths of suffering and hardship that they literally experienced hell on earth,โ€ the Dalai Lama said. โ€œThe immediate result of these (CHINESE) campaigns was the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans.”



And like the Lama, I’m not a big fan of Chinese products; Auqua Fresh with asbestos whitening crystals and these other recalls –



  1. Portable baby swings that entrap youngsters, resulting in 60 reports of cuts, bruises and abrasions;
  2. Swimming pool ladders that break, resulting in 127 reports of injuries, including leg lacerations requiring up to 21 stitches, five reports of bone fractures, two back injuries, two reports of torn ligaments and eight sprained ankles;
  3. Faulty baby carriers that result in babies falling out and getting bruised, getting skulls cracked and hospitalizations;
  4. Easy-Bake Ovens that trap children’s fingers in openings, resulting in burns;
  5. Oscillating tower fans whose faulty wiring results in fires, burns and smoke inhalation injuries;
  6. Exploding air pumps that have resulted in 13 lacerations including six facial injuries and one to the eye;
  7. Bargain-priced oil-filled electric heaters, selling for less than $50, that burn down homes;
  8. Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
  9. Circular saws with faulty blade guards that result in cutting users, not wood.

Maveric To Raptor Man “For 300 Million??? I’m going SUPERSONIC!!!!”

27 Feb

Was that a horrible Top Gun reference, or does it make fun of the fact that we spend hundreds of billions on war “toys” that never see the battle field.

I am ALL FOR making sure any US solider has a freakin Kevlar body suit and a Tony Stark / Iron Man type set up to preserve life, when we MUST go kill bad people, but the F-22 raptor reminds me of the old “New Deal” saying –

“Let’s employ Americans to dig a hole, and when they are done, let’s pay them to fill it back up”

That’s genius!!!!

The F-22 Raptor is the most expensive fighter jet ever built. It was designed to fight advanced Soviet planes, but President Obama has said he wants to cut “cold war weapons systems.” Cutting the F-22 would save lots of money, but it would cost thousands of jobs. The Air Force is expected to ask the White House to sign off on 60 more planes over the next three years.

NPR Sounds/Article

$45 Million Salary Offends Me – DO THEY EXPECT I WORK FOR PEANUTS?

26 Feb

Considering there are millions of Americans that are unemployed, this is rediculous that Man-Ram, aka Manny Ramirez is still unsure of accepting $45 million for 2 years of “work” aka playing baseball and spitting sunflower seeds etc.

However…Dear GM of the Dodgers, Mr. Ned Colletti – SIGN HIM ASAP!

Whatever it takes, it would stimulate the economy more to have a bunch of happy Dodger fans loving life and motivated to find a job with Manny swinging the lumber and high-fiving fans mid-catch – it’s a small price to pay in the big picture

LA Times Article

Obama Speech – Missed it…Was busy Stimulating the economy myself

25 Feb

The economy, the housing market, unemployment, education, home land security, baby pigs, forever in blue jeans babe!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I totally missed the speech, not on purpose, but I was busy stimulating the economy with my own work ethic and making that dollar. Was my missing the speach more important then the speach itself?